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*Happy Holiday Season*

Thanks for making 2014 a year of wonderful literary and political conversations


 for growing our book club to over 200 members.

If you are looking to give some good books this holiday season–and who isn’t–I hope you will consider gifting three of our 2014 selections—

Revolutionary By Alex Myers


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The Warmth of Other Suns By Isabel Wilkerson


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Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality By Danielle Allen

I invited our authors to add two of their recommendations for your consideration. Alex Myers and Danielle Allen proposed some really interesting selections that I am looking forward to reading and giving.

From Alex Meyer

1) Historical fiction, published recently: I am Abraham by Jerome Charyn.
It’s a 13th century story of a girl who is raised as a boy!

From Danielle Allen

1)  Robert Caro, Master of the Senate from 2002

2) Megan Marshall, Margaret Fuller: A New American Life, from 2013.  BTW, Margaret Fuller: A New American Life won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography.

And Finally, a recommendation from me.  The best book on the history of the modern independent movement is Independents Rising, written by Jackie Salit.  It is a page turner and a great gift for people who want to know the principles and history of the progressive wing of the independent reform movement.  It is a gem!

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Independents Rising Jacqueline Salit

   Happy Holidays and Stay Tuned.  We will be announcing our first 2015 selection soon!



Founder of the Politics for the People free educational series and book club for independent voters. Chair of the New York County Independence Party.

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  1. Dear Ms. Stewart: Delighted to see your interest in Jerome Charyn’s latest work of historical fiction, I Am Abraham: A Novel of Lincoln and the Civil War. It’s a top holiday pick from both the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Lincoln’s Cottage. I admin the Facebook page for the novel’s fans, and, if you write me, I’d be delighted to send you as many copies as you need. The paperback is due out on President’s Day 2016, with a readers guide written by the author inside. JC is always happy to Skype book clubs or visit in the NYC area. Please reach out to me at LenoreNYC@aol.com

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