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Ashley Bruno
Ashley Bruno

I am Abraham

As I am half way through this unprecedented novel, I am convinced I am reading out of “Old Abe’s” private journal. Slightly insulted when I remember that I am not, my attitude changes into gratitude. Where does this author get the nerve to be so imaginative? The pages melt away as this tantalizing tale resurrects the Ghosts from my school age history text-books, in quite a light. Peering into the personal lives and minds of “war heroes”, from the perspective of a President that I was always suspiciously fond of, brings about the compassionate and humanistic personification of Lincoln that reflects the major historical shift that happened during his “reign”.  Now as I read further into the civil war, fueled by a country divided by slavery and economic interests, I am torn between my own Anti-War opinions, basic humanism for civil rights, and this very engaging portrayal of the time period. I look forward to Jerome’s take on the sacrificial document. This book leaves me almost speechless to say, we have ALL come a long way. Lets keep going; “emancipate yourselves”.

Ashley Bruno


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