New Selection: Margaret Fuller A New American Life

I am thrilled to announce our new selection, Margaret Fuller: A New American Life by Megan Marshall.

The book received the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for biography and is a richly researched book about Margaret Fuller, the 19th centory author, journalist and pioneer of women’s rights who died tragically at age 40.

Here is a Megan Marshall talking briefly about the book and winning the Pulitzer Prize.

(If you do not see the screen, you can view the video here.)

Our Politics for the People conference call with Megan Marshall will be on Sunday, September 20th at 7 pm EST.

With August days ahead, be sure to pick up or download your copy of Margaret Fuller: A New American Life.  Let me know your thoughts.


Founder of the Politics for the People free educational series and book club for independent voters. Chair of the New York County Independence Party.

One thought on “New Selection: Margaret Fuller A New American Life

  1. Brightest Blessings To All:
    First and most importantly BIG UPS to the author Megan Marshall for Her ingenuity of insight in how She told the story of Margaret Fuller utilizing Margaret’s own words… That was AWESOME… And much thanks to Megan Marshall for this being a learning moment for Me, I am not the dumbest tree in the forest yet with this book I had to up My comprehension skills quite a bit and THANK ALL THINGS HOLY for the dictionary… The book itself was emotion evoking on a level that deeply resonates with Me as a Woman looking for the “highest grade” when it comes to intimate connections and as a Woman “striving to discover and attain””everything she might be”… When Women like Margaret Fuller comes along it is said “they are before their time”, which has always been a tad bit off because She was born then so it was Her time then… Margaret’s spiritual realizations were just as deeply personal for Her and that is inspiring because She wasn’t one to conform to popular belief. Her ability to think in a “Man’s World” just tickles My fancy because it wasn’t the fact that She had the ability to speak among them as an equal mind, She had the ability to show them a thing or two and Men in those days felt more intimated by a intellectual Woman then than they do now… Although it is interesting that in certain circles of intellectual life Women are still looked upon as the “softer sex”… I don’t know what is more offensive, that Men still think that or that women still play the part… And I for one know that being the object of Men affections are more dangerous than divine and that striving to be an intellectual equal is still a challenge… Margaret Fuller oddly enough did not see Her actions as progress for Women yet She saw herself as the voice to make the way for Women coming behind Her… Her own struggles with love and life were probably way more tumultuous than we could comprehend, at least in these days Women have some measure of law and civil consideration to expand, except in the financial department where Men still make more money than Women, WHAT”S UP WITH THAT!!!
    I would like to say that Margaret leaving Her son like that after being so torn in how others were leaves Me to believe that She adopted Men ways in a way that drove Her to mirror their path for attaining success (this is My opinion Men so don’t bite My head off). In closing Margaret Fuller’s life and Megan Marshall telling of it shows the courage and dedication that Women possess… MEN LOOK OUT YOU ACTUALLY DO HAVE TO SHARE THIS WORLD, EQUALLY!!!
    “Man and woman, she asserted, were two halves of the “same thought”. Neither “idea” could be fully realized as long as man failed to see that woman’s “interests were identical with his; and that, by law of common being, he could never reach his true proportions while she remained in any wise shorn of hers””.

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