From Kansas City, MO to Braddock, PA

A Review of The Notion Of Family 

by Natesha Oliver

The Notion of Family, LaToya Ruby Frazier, pg 53: Mom Relaxing My Hair, 2005

Brightest Blessings To All:
Out of all the books that bring me into the reality of the working class struggle within my own race of people, The Notion of Family is the most honest and transparent view of how Black America, specifically although not exclusively, has suffered indignities in a form of racism that has been to long overlooked and ignored by elected officials charged with ensuring a fair and just economic presence by corporations “investing” in the communities…

Latoya Frazier’s unapologetic photographic depiction of her life takes away ALL excuses that have allowed corporations AND governing bodies to hide the truth of their involvement in the demise of a promised and expected prosperity in African American communities and the generational destruction that it leaves on families trying to cope with the struggle of losing a solid financial foundation within a political culture that already makes it difficult to live beyond impoverished conditions set up by the same Institutions brought in to the community to help…

The fact that Braddock, PA is one of many communities that has had to suffer from a lost of viable economic support that is gained by working is a testament to why HOW we vote is becoming more important than who we vote for.  Whether we vote Democrat or Republican is irrelevant when both parties partake in the systemic corrosion that result in communities murdered…

Whether there is strength to endure or drugs to numb the self defeating results of poverty, there has to be a change in HOW Americans allow the officials we vote in to office to remain bias and short sighted… Not supporting Bill Cosby but what He says, in respect to The Notion Of Family, ” The proof is in the pudding”, or in this case the photo…

To Latoya Ruby Frazier, Stand Strong My Sister, Stand Strong!!!
In Love & Light

Natesha Oliver

Natesha Oliver is from Kansas City, MO and is the founder of Missouri Independents Stand Together (MIST).


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Founder of the Politics for the People free educational series and book club for independent voters. Chair of the New York County Independence Party.

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