Independents are Here to Stay

We have had a wonderful celebration of poetry throughout April, both chosen and written by P4P members.  Our poetry celebration continues with an original poem written by NH Independent Voters’ leader, Peter White.



Hello everyone we’ve come to say

Independent Voters are here to stay!

Get up off your couches and join our way

And together for our Nation we will save the day!


We’re sick of the baloney the two Parties feed us

While their bosses on Wall Street are stealing with no fuss!

Our government is corrupt and a real mess

It is putting our democracy to the test.


We the People must rise up and start to lead

To demand what is right and what we really need:

Representatives that work for us instead of corporate greed

Who refuse PAC money, have integrity, and know how to read!


The US Constitution is what they should know

And the Bill of Rights is what makes our Country glow.

Open primaries are needed so our movement will grow

Until the PEOPLE SHALL RULE instead of the dough!

Founder of the Politics for the People free educational series and book club for independent voters. Chair of the New York County Independence Party.

4 thoughts on “Independents are Here to Stay

  1. Hey Peter,
    It’s Time For A Change
    And We Need To Keep Reminding
    The People of Our Country
    How Important It Is
    To Have A Strong
    Independent Party That Is
    Heard, Loud & Clear
    We Can Move Mountains

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