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3 thoughts on “EVICTION-Book Club Selection

  1. In this very mean spirited political season where poverty, homelessness, joblessness and the plight of the low wage worker are off the agenda, Matthew Desmond’s voice is a powerful plea to change the dialogue. He is to be applauded for speaking out as he did in recent NY Times article last week where he made a compelling statement for poverty in America to be at the very top of the presidential candidates’ agendas. This was in contrast to a Clinton operative’s statement, “It’s not at all unusual for people running for president not to talk about poverty because the poor are not necessarily the swing voters you’re trying to pick off.” There it is. It is all about the “VOTES.”

    1. The “Poor” are just a “political leverage” for a politician, or a candidate seeking office to propel themselves in the Media, and project a particular political image.

  2. Cathy, I think you saw this-but just in case-it’s Evicted. I did the same thing.😳

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