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A Declaration of Independents by Greg Orman is a must read for anyone with who is disgusted with the paralysis that is affecting our national government.  It lays out in clear language that the 2 party system thwarts actual governance so the will of the people isn’t Maureen Albanesepossible.  Mr. Orman’s struggle to gain traction as a candidate, highlights everything  that is wrong with our current system.  One of his idea term limits is something that should have happened along time ago.

 After reading A Declaration of Independents it makes it abundantly clear to me that the following needs to happen to make our government work for the people:

  •  We need open primaries.  I shouldn’t pay for sham elections that I can’t participate in.
  • All political ads should be Public Service Announcements.  So no hit jobs on your opponent, just you explaining why you are running and where to get your policy proposals.  The TV networks will balk as they stand to loose a lot of money because PSA are free,  but I don’t care.
  • Real debates, not run by the political parties.  And more of them especially town halls where the voters can ask the candidates the real questions.
  • No more Political PACs of any kind. Everyone is limited to contribute up to 300 dollars per candidate per election cycle.
  • Easy ballot access if you plan to run as a candidate.  The same ballot access for All 50 states.  You shouldn’t have go through hoops if you are running a National Campaign.
  • Term limits
  • All former politicians must wait at least 7 years after leaving office to lobby their fellow politicians.
Mr. Orman’s book is a conversation starter.  We all must work every day to get the democracy we deserve.  We need to talk to each other without the prism of political parties.  Democracy is not a sport it shouldn’t matter which party wins only that government is by the will of the people.

Maureen Albanese is an administrative assistant and activist. She lives in Manhattan.



A Declaration of Independents

How We Can Break the Two-Party Stranglehold and Restore the American Dream


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Founder of the Politics for the People free educational series and book club for independent voters. Chair of the New York County Independence Party.

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