Peter White Shares a Trio of Poems

Peter White is a long time activist in NH and a member of NH Independent Voters.

th_022Peter told me that he has been writing political poetry for a few years now and hopes “…to turn it into protest songs for the times!”

The first poem is new for P4P readers this year. You may remember the two poems that follow from last year.




Hello everyone we’ve come to say

Independent Voters are here to stay!

Get up off your couches and join our way

And together for our Nation we will save the day!


We’re sick of the baloney the two Parties feed us

While their bosses on Wall Street are stealing with no fuss!

Our government is corrupt and a real mess

It is putting our democracy to the test.


We the People must rise up and start to lead

To demand what is right and what we really need:

Representatives that work for us instead of corporate greed

Who refuse PAC money, have integrity, and know how to read!


The US Constitution is what they should know

And the Bill of Rights is what makes our Country glow.

Open primaries are needed so our movement will grow

Until the PEOPLE SHALL RULE instead of the dough!



by Peter White

Chorus: I’ve got the bank bailout blues, I’ve got the bank bailout blues, those big bad bank bailout blues, too big to fail bailout blues.


Step right up if you’re rich and greedy

The government will treat you like you’re needy.

If you own a big bank and want more money

The politicians will treat you right, honey!


If you need some health care you’ve got lots to pay

Because big pharma and insurance crooks got more say.

We need Medicare for ALL to make the system right

And We the People we got the might!


Obama said he would bring us change

But he and the Democrats are more of the same;

They keep waging war for Empire to help the rich

All that killing for greed is such a b b b shame!


Now we got Trump to lead the way

And those billionaires got even MORE say!

The Republicans are in charge of Congress now

And it’s time for We the People to give them Hell!


Those bailouts for Wall Street were a bunch of baloney

To say that it helped Main Street is a story that’s phony!

I’ve got the bank bailout blues and they won’t go away

Until the 99% lead the way!





Why I occupy

Let me tell you why

I am moved to really try

By a love force I cannot deny!


Every day I’m glad to be here

To see all the beauty and cheer

Unfortunately I can also see clear

And know that the End Game is near.


The Occupy movement gives me hope

That We the People will stop being a dope!

Humane change is possible if we cope

With politicians who are as slippery as soap.


The two Parties are a corrupt duopoly

They help the rich control their plutocracy

We cannot have a democracy

If more people are into a jockocracy!


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

They get higher and mightier as we go lower.

Most elected Democrats and Republicans cower

To the ruling elite who have economic power.


We can teach the world to sing

In imperfect but loving harmony

With peace on earth being our symphony

Helping our neighbors in our community.


We each have a role to play

We have the freedom to have our say

We can live in the light and lead the way

To occupy our government and overcome some day!


2018 National Poetry Month Poster

Founder of the Politics for the People free educational series and book club for independent voters. Chair of the New York County Independence Party.

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