Harry Kresky for National Poetry Month


Harry Kresky is counsel to IndependentVoting.org and one of the country’s leading experts on nonpartisan primary reform and the legal issues facing independent voters. He is also a poet. You can read more of his poetry on his blog, poems for friends.


Taking Stock?


It’s that time of year

And that time of life.



Time to take stock,

To sum up.

Was my life well spent?

Did I make a difference?


My better voices say

You don’t need to do this.

Your life has been a collective effort.

Does measurement have meaning

If you want to change the world?


Enya sings

“Is there a road I should follow,

A sign I should know”

She sings about getting back

The love she lost.


I don’t  have a lost love.

I have friends I love.

Together we have let go —

Unmoored and committed.


December 2017



Secrets of Mary Bowser Bk Cover

The Secrets of Mary Bowser is our new Politics for the People Book Club selection. 

Hope you will pick up your copy of the book today. 

We will be talking with author Lois Leveen on Sunday, June 3rd at 7 pm EST.


Founder of the Politics for the People free educational series and book club for independent voters. Chair of the New York County Independence Party.

2 thoughts on “Harry Kresky for National Poetry Month

  1. Way to go Harry ! What a profound poem !! You may be in the December of your life like me and millions of others, but you will use those next 31 days to go in the December of your life to bring back the Sparkle in America’s eyes and heart !!

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