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2 thoughts on “Special Summer P4P — Let All Voters Vote

  1. With the publication of “Let All Voters Vote” in the Touro Law Review, Jeremy Gruber, Michael Hardy, and Harry Kresky have rendered a tremendous and timely service to tens of millions of unaffiliated voters, to the many more millions of independent-minded voters, and to all fair-minded Americans who believe in government by and for the people.

    As Jeremy Gruber says in the IVN interview podcast (, a primary purpose of the article is to educate the judiciary about the disenfranchisement of independent voters.

    But the article is extremely well written and, for a legal brief, relatively untechnical. It gives a concise but comprehensive history of primary elections, and locates the intensifying movement for open primaries in the long history of struggle, following the Civil War, to progressively extend voting rights to all the disenfranchised (former slaves, Native Americans, women) and then to strike down the laws (like poll taxes) and legal doctrines (like “separate but equal”) aimed at voter suppression.

    So, let the justices take note. But in the meantime, this is an article for the all rest of us – to better understand our movement, and to go on building it.

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