Reader’s Forum — Mike Marthaller

Mike sent in a response to Caroline Donnola’s poem,
Many Roads are Better than One.

Mike Marthaller

Several thoughts:
Be divided. Be conquered.

Do not “Judge” history by the standards of today.
In fact, do not “Judge” history; they too dealt with COMPLEX survival, social, cultural, regional, economic, religious, political issues.
As I look BACK I attempt to consider communicating just a few miles often took months.

Survival was not an abstract concept.

Our ancestors in the USA and Canada were involved in attempting to resolve what was arguably the greatest rapid mixing of cultures, religious concept, social, cultural differences in human history.  

They TOO faced the manipulations by those who would be Kings OR Queens.
Some who were in fact altruistic and some still as today only want power.

They faced then as today manipulative outside forces.

And WE then as today exerted our power over others.


Mike Marthaller is retired from the military, a peace activist, a City Councilmember from rural Washington, and active with Braver Angels.


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