Yes, and Café Podcast with Nadja Cech and Omar Ali

In early January, Dr. Omar Ali sat down with his colleagues at UNC Greensboro for a conversation
on the Yes, and Café Podcast.

They talked about the import of Vice President Kamala Harris’ election, identity politics, the link between development and democracy, the divisions in the country and more.

Give a listen below:

Here are a couple of comments Dr. Omar Ali made during the interview to consider:

Just as race was created as a way of dividing and conquering poor people… across American History in order to control labor and power, ideology has been used in the same way to divide people against each other who actually have much in common. To me, we’ve been bamboozled, hoodwinked as Malcolm would say, into thinking that there are these great divides between us, when in fact they’re relatively superficial… The more important thing, that is, being a fellow human being, a fellow citizen, these things are much more important than ideological differences.”

…It’s the interplay between those who are in positions of authority – elected officials – and those outside. And that’s how history has changed over time, is that dialectic if you will. So, movements are the critical changers of societal norms and practices. And what I see is a movement among independents that has been in the making for some time. As was mentioned earlier, I’ve been involved for the last three decades in building an independent political movement in this country which is nonpartisan – to be very clear – and goes across the ideological spectrum. So, policies change as a result of movement building….”


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