A Message from Jacqueline Salit on 2034

A special message from Jackie Salit
President, Independent Voting

2034: A Novel of the Next World War

By Elliot Ackerman and Admiral James Stavridis

In her message, Jackie Salit talks about the themes explored in the book:

It deals with everything from our overreliance on technology, both the ways in which it makes us vulnerable but also the ways in which it distances us and alienates us… Another really important theme of the book is the risk of over reaction, politically, militarily and the ways in which ideology or preconceived notions can affect decision making at the highest levels that have incredibly dangerous and destructive effects. And the book also deals with the question of the difference — and in some ways the conflict — between national interests and a collection of national interests versus the interests of human beings and humanity….”


Thursday, August 12th at 2pm ET
For the Politics for the People ZOOM Event
With 2034 Authors Elliot Ackerman
and Admiral James Stavridis


Founder of the Politics for the People free educational series and book club for independent voters. Chair of the New York County Independence Party.

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