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2034 is a cautionary tale of national security threats that can arise from a failure of imagination. In this novel, a foreign power hacks into our nation’s military defense systems with devastating consequences. Subsequent incidents in the South China Sea and in the Strait of Hormuz trigger a series of tit-for-tat reactions, setting the stage for a World War.

The plot is frighteningly plausible.

War is often described as a failure of diplomacy. In 2034, the state of diplomatic relations among key powers (the US, China, Russia, Iran and India) is not well defined. But this is a novel. Geopolitics and diplomacy are not for everyone. That aside, the nuclear and cyber security incidents portrayed in 2034 are straight-line projections of strategic challenges that face us today. Shame on us, if a failure of imagination leaves us without the necessary countermeasures for these threats.

A shot of me [Dennis] during WWII victory celebrations in 1945.  Any wonder I ended up in the military?

Dennis Flaherty retired from the US Air Force in 1988 as a Chief Master Sergeant with over 30 years of active duty. He also retired from Arizona state government after 14 years as a strategic management consultant. He resides in Chandler, Arizona, with his wife of 60 years.


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