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Sadie Moore Stewart

I would never have read this book had it not been sent to me by Jackie Salit. I do not read much fiction. However, this book read so fast, I finished it in 2 days, a record for me. Even though there were several technical explanations that were absolutely foreign, it did not become tedious.

Ditto to all the other comments. With a repeat specifically of the fact that this book serves as a wake up to an awareness of the underlying issues so cohesively presented in this novel.

Now for some observations that I would like to address regarding the plot.

Why was there practically no dialog regarding Hunts decision to break with procedure? Said procedure was stated clearly on page 9.

Yet less than 3 paragraphs later she decides to divert. And the perfunctory “question” from Miller was disposed of without any input, or consideration.

As an Air Force Veteran, I know you do not question command decisions. But seeing as she did explain her rational, maybe some input was warranted.

Or is this one of the flaws of the command structure?

One last observation. Was the fact that the president and Hunt are both females, sending a subtle, or maybe not so subtle message?

Sadie Moore Stewart is a 70 year old lawyer and independent activist from Ohio.


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