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As a former Public Defender, Director of a  Federal Community Treatment Center, Corrections Officer at the Alabama Women’s Prison , and Air Force Rehabilitation Specialist,  I can say the authors recitation of her experience within the prison system is very typical.

I especially enjoyed her perception regarding the “control” factor.

As to the lack of appreciation she seems to have for Public Defenders and the Rap Music Genre,  I  would like to hear an explanation for her opinion.

Given her education and exposure I am somewhat surprised by what appears to be the opinion expressed.

I personally am not into rap music, but I would certainly not try and compare it to some other period of expression. Though I also took pianos lessons, they were private, and involved a cursory review, and gave me somewhat of an appreciation for classical music.

Sadie Moore Stewart

Lawyers supposedly have a basic level of competency. After that it is individual performance that should be considered.

Prosecutors get the opposite consideration because they represent the state when we all  know they often fail to attract the best.

I have worked with some brilliant committed prosecutors, who love their job and could have been very successful in a private practice. And of course ditto, for Public defenders who believe in what they do and love it despite the low pay.

There is a ton of evidence that family support is crucial in rehab. However,  other evidence has proven that returning to a  familial environment contributed to high rates of recidivism. 

Based on my professional experience, I believe the latter is more impactful and outweighs the benefit of family support.

Now technology makes that support possible regardless of proximity. 

I absolutely appreciate her lack of apology and love for being fortunate enough to benefit from the background in which she was raised.

I especially love her style. Not too wordy, though not condescending either. Though she often uses phrases or references that I am unfamiliar with, it is written so intelligently that it doesn’t make you feel as if she is showing off.

Sadie Moore Stewart is a 70 year old lawyer and independent activist from Ohio.

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