Reader’s Forum – Allen Cox shares his thoughts on CUZ

Allen Cox

I want to thank you Danielle Allen for writing this book. I don’t generally like reading books that I already know how they end, particularly when it’s about yet another young black man’s tragic death. However I thought this book revealed so much more.

Not only did you give us your unapologetic radical acceptance of Michael, given who you were and who you were becoming, but you also gave us a picture of the social, political and economic environment that produced him. I also thought this book was so much about you, and how Michael’s life and struggles impacted you.

As a long time grassroots political and community organizer,I am very moved by you not only as a brilliant scholar and intellectual but also as a decent, caring working class person who never gives up on her family or community. You have definitely made a fan of me and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Allen Cox lives in the Bronx and is a lifelong independent and grassroots community organizer. He is an outreach consultant for the Black Leadership Commission on Health.

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