Reader’s Forum – Lowell Ward shares his thoughts on CUZ

By: Evelyn Dougherty, founder of MA Coalition of Independent Voters

I interviewed my fellow activist Lowell Ward regarding his thoughts after reading Danielle Allen’s book, Cuz: The Life and Times of Michael A.  

Evelyn: So, Lowell, what did you think about Danielle Allen’s book?

Evelyn Dougherty & Lowell Ward

Lowell: I thought the book was great! That the families experience, particularly his aunt’s, of pain and the devastation when he was murdered was shared so openly was what I liked and disliked. I liked it because she did such a good job of explaining the profound pain.  Pain in the black community isn’t often talked about and yet it’s lifelong. The incident may be on the news, or appear in a headline, but as the headlines fade, the families go on to grieve for the rest of their lives with what the streets took.  

Lowell: What I disliked about it was knowing that the families will be slighted and jaded having gone through this loss of their family member – it’s traumatic.  

Thank you Danielle Allen for sharing you and your families’ pain with the world.

Lowell Ward, an activist with MA Coalition of Independent Voters, Founder of Build Black Better (an initiative to stem violence, crime & poverty) had lived the street life, spent many years in prison, and is now working to make the world a better place.

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