Reader’s Forum – Darius Holt & Eric Bronner

Eric Bronner and Darius Holt are among the independent voters featured in Chapter 7 — “Independents Speak: We’re Not a Party. We’re a Mindset.” They share some of their thoughts about the book and we have reprinted their comments from The Independent Voter.


Do you want to better understand the fastest growing voting block in almost every state? Then pick-up a copy, today, of The Independent Voter. This outstanding book will give you hope that a legitimate, people-powered movement is gaining real momentum across the country. 

As a Navy veteran—and fiercely independent voter who has never joined or registered with any political party—I’m still taking my orders from our last independent President, General George Washington.  President Washington famously warned us against the “baneful effects of the spirit of party.”  Unfortunately, we witness the baneful effects of our two-party system—and the duopoly they control—on an almost daily basis. Poisonous partisan rhetoric, toxic tribalism and an entire politics industry that takes complex issues and attempts to put everyone and everything into two basic, binary camps. Too many big problems are going unsolved because of our rigged, private, two-party system.  Party insiders will not fix our broken political system, but here’s the good news: we the people are not powerless.  We can take back our Republic, today. Real and lasting change is possible through open, nonpartisan primary elections and voting innovations that will give independent voters more power, and independent candidates a level playing field on which to compete. Read the book, and join our people-powered movement today!

In Chapter 7 — Independents Speak, Eric shares:

“I’m a navy veteran, and supposedly about 49 percent of veterans identify as independent or unaffiliated, and I think there’s a reason for that. When we commit to serving our country, we all swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution. We don’t swear an oath to political party or a political leader. Our duty and our obligation is to the Constitution, and that is what we want to continue serving. And, unfortunately, in our current system, as an independent voter, our options are all too often far too limited.”

Eric Bronner is the Founder and COO of Veterans for Political Innovation.


The Independent Voter gives an excellent overview of the rise of independent voters in the 21st century. It analyzes the history behind these voters and how their independent mindset could reshape American politics. While there are still some people who have no full understanding of what makes these voters independent; this book will give them a better view of who these American citizens truly are. I say this book is worth a read!

In Chapter 7 — Independents Speak, Darius comments:

“I think that Americans need to know that independents believe in bold yet practical solutions. We independents want to be more included in the election systems and want to be getting more involved in the political process in a more fair and accessible way.”

Darius Holt (Maryland) is a Co-founder and executive member of the independent Voters of Maryland, advocating for open primaries in the state. Darius currently works as a librarian technician in Washington DC. He graduated from the College of Southern Maryland with a General Studies degree related to Political Science.

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Founder of the Politics for the People free educational series and book club for independent voters. Chair of the New York County Independence Party.

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