Reader’s Forum – Alice Rydel & June Hirsh on POVERTY, BY AMERICA

Alice Rydel is an activist with Independent Voting and lives in Manhattan.


Every area of discrimination, be it class, race or gender, has been created and maintained by the corporate/political partnership that dominates our society.

Forty five % of the voting population sees this partnership as corrupt, and working against our interests. This grouping is growing and self-identifies as independent. and OpenPrimaries, two national organizations I fervently support, are building an Independent political movement. They’re harnessing and empowering the energy of national and local  organizations dedicated to social, economic and cultural change, and are committed to ending poverty.

 It’s said that those who write the rules, rule. This grass roots independent political movement is electing people’s candidates, opening closed primaries, doing away with gerrymandering laws. Rewriting the rules  –  and as it gets stronger, it’s turning politics on its head. 

With what Matthew Desmond so brilliantly and passionately has uncovered and ardently advocates for, I envision him a powerful poverty abolitionist within the grassroots Independent movement”.

June Hirsh is an independent political activist and an organizer for the Politics for the People Book Club. She lives in New York City, in Greenwich Village.

July 25th at 3pm ET

Join our host, Cathy Stewart, for a Virtual Discussion with author Matthew Desmond


Founder of the Politics for the People free educational series and book club for independent voters. Chair of the New York County Independence Party.

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