Andrew Yang: Why he’s quit the Democratic Party to launch Forward Party, discusses new book

On October 18th, Andrew Yang appeared on the Bay Area’s local ABC7 News program Getting Answers to discuss political polarization, open primaries, ranked choice voting and third-party politics. Watch the interview and read the accompanying article below.

By Kristen Sze • October 22, 2021

When he joined [Getting Answers], Yang said it’s time for a middle-ground, common sense viable third party that represents the majority of Americans. He believes our current system and election process are producing more partisan candidates and widening our political polarization.

“The only way we’re going to get the polarization under control is if we change up the two-party dynamic that right now is leading to dysfunction and clashes. Eventually it’s going to lead to unrest, and even conflict and violence. So my goal now as the founder of the Forward Party is to present a new way forward that’ll actually enable different points of view to emerge, and make it so it’s not a zero sum game anymore.”

The Forward Party advocates for open primaries and ranked-choice voting as solutions. Yang points out that Congressional members are re-elected at a 92% rate despite consistently low approval ratings for the legislative body. He cites the growth of “safe” districts as a problem. 83% of districts are currently very red or very blue, and members’ job security “is centered around trying to please the most partisan voters in their district and their community… To win a ranked-choice voting election, I need to be on it 50.1% people’s ballots. If I cater to the extreme, I’m probably going to turn off someone else. It should diminish negative campaigning and make coalition-building more of a norm.” Yang praises California for having open primaries, as well as the use of ranked-choice voting in some of our elections, including Bay Area mayoral races.

In addition to election reform, Yang’s Forward Party advocates for “human-centered capitalism,” built around enacting a federal Universal Basic Income. Giving every American adult $1,000 a month was Yang’s main issue as a presidential candidate, and he continues to believe that is one way to include everyone in an increasingly automated, high-tech economy. Yang says the current employment-related benefits incentivize Americans to not work, since working would reduce or remove those benefits.

The Forward Party is current a political action committee, but it’s seeking Federal Election Commission recognition as an official political party. Yang says the Forward party will support candidates aligned with the platform whether they are currently Republican or Democrat, hoping to eventually run candidates under the Forward banner. He says his not worried about playing spoiler, as in siphoning off votes from one dominant party and handing the victory to the other dominant party. That is a traditional argument against third parties, and usually works against Democrats. But Yang says ranked-choice voting would mitigate that problem, and allow multiple parties to develop and thrive in the U.S., like in some European countries.


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One thought on “Andrew Yang: Why he’s quit the Democratic Party to launch Forward Party, discusses new book

  1. What Andrew Yang’s goal is of value. But, he needs to GO Foward by also going deeper. America to be a true democratic republic needs to have a non-partisan election system which uses Ranked Choice Voting. Open Primaries build on a partisan election system insures the continuation of the Parter Voter Prison. May Andrew Yang’s new party for American election system that advocates for the “first floor” to be a Non Partisan Election with Rank Choice Voting as the “second floor.” of this truly American election. Senator Schumer wrote in the NYT Op Ed in 2014 : Save American End Nonpartisan’ primaries !! Good let’s do it America !! Joe H. Pickering Jr. Mainers for Open Eleciions.

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